Russia must help ASEAN maintain regional stability

Russia must help ASEAN maintain regional stability

PRESIDENT Joko Widodo has high hopes that Russia can help ASEAN prevent tensions in the Indo-Pacific.
As we know, several countries with great powers are trying to exert influence in the region by showing their respective strengths. Australia is working with Britain and the United States is developing a fleet of nuclear-powered submarines with unlimited, hard-to-detect underwater cruise capabilities.

On the other hand, China also recently launched the Fractional Orbital Bombardment System (FOBS), a long-range thermonuclear weapon. This activity clearly triggers rivalries and destabilizes conditions in the Indo-Pacific.

“This has led to the ‘arms race’ and ‘power projection’. If this trend is allowed, the chances of a proxy are very great. We have to prevent and avoid this. None of us want to see this happen. I believe the ASEAN-Russia strategic plan partnership can prevent this trend, ā€¯Jokowi said at the 4th ASEAN-Russia summit virtually from the presidential palace in Bogor, West Java, Thursday, 10/28.

The head of state said the long-standing partnership between ASEAN and Russia could act as a buffer for stability, security and peace. Russia has also fully supported the centrality of ASEAN and the prospects of ASEAN on the Indo-Pacific.
“ASEAN-Russia must continue to be a positive force and a buffer for stability and peace in the region,” he continued.

According to Jokowi, the concrete partnership that will be put in place will foster a habit of cooperation that will eventually eliminate the culture of competition in the region. Strategic trust between countries will also be stronger. (OL-8)


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