Rooney asks MU team for soul-searching after being butchered by Liverpool

Rooney asks MU team for soul-searching after being butchered by Liverpool

FORMER Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney believes the Merag Devils players should question themselves after being beaten 0-5 by Liverpool last weekend. “The players have to question themselves. It’s not easy for a manager to be with players who are paid handsomely to do a job and I don’t think they do it well enough,” Rooney said. quoted by Sky Sports, Friday (29/10).

According to the Derby County coach, players have a big responsibility when playing for a team like Manchester United. Rooney added that these players need to feel the pain when they have to come to terms with defeat in a game as the fans feel.

“There is a big responsibility on these players. They are world class players, international players and a club like United needs more. The player needs to be injured, needs to feel when you lose a game , you must feel how bad it hurts, “Rooney said.

Rooney sees many players reluctant to quit and stay and risk everything for the club. Rooney believes this is unacceptable. “I see too many players who don’t want to come back, don’t want to stay and don’t want to risk everything for the club and that is unacceptable,” Rooney said.

Manchester United are currently in the spotlight after losing 5-0 to one of their Premier League rivals last weekend. Manchester United are also winless in their last four Premier League games, including three losses and one draw. (OL-8)


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