Long-distance train passengers carry more than quota, KAI prepares fines

Long-distance train passengers carry more than quota, KAI prepares fines

In order to improve the passenger comfort of the Long Distance Train (KAJJ), KAI Daop 1 Jakarta calls on potential passengers who will be departing from Gambir, Pasar Senen, Bekasi, Cikampek and Karawang stations to pay attention to the baggage transport rules before leave using KAJJ.

With regard to the applicable regulations, KAI has determined that each passenger benefits from one free piece of luggage up to a maximum weight of 20 kg, a maximum volume of 100 dm3 (maximum dimensions 70x48x30 cm) and a maximum of 4 (four) koli (baggage).

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“However, if during boarding during ticket inspection, a passenger carries baggage exceeding these provisions, a charge of IDR 10,000 / kg for executive class will be charged, IDR 6,000 / kg for business class. and 2,000 IDR / kg for economy class. ”said PT KAI Daop 1 Jakarta’s public relations manager Eva Chairunisa

The luggage of train passengers must be placed on the luggage rack above the passenger seat or placed in another place so as not to disturb or endanger other passengers and not damage the train.

Passengers with baggage over 40 kg or 200 dm³ are not allowed to bring their baggage into the passenger train cabin and are advised to transport their goods using a train dispatch service. In PT KAI Daop 1 Jakarta area, retail freight delivery by train is served at 3 stations, namely Jakarta Gudang Station, Pasarsenen Station and Cikampek Station.

“For train travelers who want to carry bicycle-type luggage, there are provisions that meet these needs. The types of bikes allowed to ride are folding bikes only with provisions for a maximum weight of 20 kg and a maximum wheel size. 22 inch. Folding bicycles that are brought in must be stowed in the passenger train. Passengers are not allowed to store it in the dining car or in the inter-train link, ”he said.

If you want to bring other types of bicycles, such as mountain bikes, road bikes, train passengers can use rail freight services.

For passengers who wish to bring pets, it should be noted that animals are also not allowed to be brought on passenger trains so that the transport of animals is provided via baggage carts or transport services. of goods under the following conditions:

– Not an animal banned by the government

– Use of a special animal cage

– Prepare food / drinks during the trip

In addition to animals, there are also a number of items that should not be carried on passenger trains, including narcotics, firearms / sharp weapons, flammable / explosive items, smelling items. bad / fish or objects which, due to their nature, can disturb / harm health and disturb the comfort of passengers. other items, items prohibited by laws and regulations, and other items which, in the examination of the boarding agent, are unsuitable to be carried as baggage due to the circumstances and size are not suitable for transport as baggage.

A number of luggage arrangements are implemented to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers during the train journey. (OL-6)


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