The return of terror at the end of October

The return of terror at the end of October

Michael Myers, the masked figure of the Halloween film franchise, apparently did not die after being burned in the basement by his nemesis Laurie Strode (played by Jamie Lee Curtis).

Decades later, the terrorist rises again to launch an attack on the woman, along with the residents of the town of Haddonfield. Just on Halloween night.

Myers with his creepy mask that looks a bit charred now appears in the movie Hallowen Kills (2021), which hits theaters in Indonesia, starting Monday (10/18). He became the only reason the people of Haddonfield, Illinois unite in the midst of fear.

Through this film, director David Gordon Green, along with screenwriters Scott Teems and Danny McBride apparently want to pin their criticism on the social security system. The existence of the security forces is said to have failed to protect its citizens against threats of terror and murder.

Instead of waiting for the police to take tactical action, which was trained and prepared to provide a sense of security, residents took the law into their own hands and began to hunt Myers. Sadly, the hunt for the Terror Spreader didn’t prove to be difficult or exciting, except for the jumping fears which were basically predictable.

The eternal conflict, or at least 43 years since the first Halloween movie was released in 1978, between Myers and Strode, even this time around, seems bland. Snippets after snippets of scenes only depict Myers hunting blindly, while Strode is simply lying in the hospital, moaning in pain and occasionally uttering advice or words of wisdom.

However, you have to admit that Green on this occasion is quite interesting to present the story. As well as using a mixed front and back flow, it also tries to play with the characters around the main character. Strode’s position, which should have been in the foreground of the battlefield, was replaced by his son Karen (played by Judy Greer) and his grandson Allyson (by Andi Matichak).

For the loyal followers of the sequel to this film, this can be a bit of a disappointment as the ending doesn’t provide an answer but a suggestion from Strode. However, for those who have just joined the ‘Hallowen party’ this film could be an alternative to being able to stand on top of your hair as it is filled with blood and murder typical of gore movies.

It can also be said that Halloween Kills (2021) brings together the terror and cruelty of the previous series. This time around, the film combines the cases seen from Halloween 2018 through 2021, and often shows how they relate to each other.

Halloween Kills (2021) is even said to have the highest death toll compared to the previous “Halloween” franchise. While not everyone died at Myers’ hands, the masked killer is arguably more busy swinging his machete at the victim than speaking in the film.

Musical illustration can also be a positive factor in this film. John Carpenter, the actor and composer, composed the musical score for the movie Hallowen Kills (2021) with various “unpleasant” elements which one could even say that they can make the audience “uncomfortable” in the face of the situation. . We can also say that the music of the piano, which may seem simple, succeeded in captivating the audience as if they were in a story sketch. (M-2)


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