7,614 schools in Jakarta already have limited PTM

7,614 schools in Jakarta already have limited PTM

The DKI Jakarta Education Office enabled 7,614 schools to conduct face-to-face learning (PTM).

“So the fourth stage is 6,623 schools. Then, in addition to yesterday, on October 25, there were 991 schools,” DKI Disdik public relations head Taga Radja said on Thursday ( 26/10).

In addition, he revealed the reason why the DKI provincial government did not target the opening of 10,000 schools by the end of October 2021.

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According to Taga, there are still many schools, especially private ones, whose licenses are not maintained, such as early childhood education (PAUD). “Many are linked to the management of the school. It can’t be forced (PTM title), “he added.

“Maybe in November there will be more additions. I don’t know when to add it, early, mid or late November because everything is being processed,” Taga said. .

With the implementation of PPKM level 2 policy in DKI Jakarta region, the duration of learning hours of students in schools has also increased. “Each level corresponds to two hours of lessons. For example, SMA-SMK initially had five hours of class, then it became seven hours of class, ”Taga said. (OL-11)


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