Two men steal an expedition truck in Tanah Abang

Two men steal an expedition truck in Tanah Abang

Tanah Abang Metro Police Criminal Investigation Unit Arrested K, 45, and S, 36, as Perpetrators of Stealing a Truck Belonging to a Shipping Service on Jalan KH Mas Mansyur, Tanah Abang, in central Jakarta. The two perpetrators were arrested on the Cikampek toll road a few days ago.

The head of the criminal investigation unit for Tanah Abang Metro Police Commissioner Haris Ahmad said the theft started when the two suspects monitored a truck belonging to a shipping service. He said the perpetrator felt there was an opportunity to steal, as conditions around him were calm.

“In effect, they watched the truck when it finished running at sunset. This truck was parked around the expedition office, there was no fence,” Haris said when he walked away. contacted on Wednesday (10/27).

Haris said that when the situation was calm in the early hours of the morning and there were no security guards on duty, the perpetrators immediately started the crime. He said the perpetrators broke into a truck parked in the yard of the expedition office.

“They are quite free to commit theft by damaging the door lock or the steering wheel keyhole,” he said. He said the assailant then took the truck to Central Java.

He suspects the two thieves have a network outside of Jakarta. “Because when they committed the theft at 2:00 am, they immediately headed for Central Java via the north coast road. It was their intention to get there,” Haris said.

In addition, Haris explained, one of the perpetrators with the initials K is a repeat offender and specialist in theft of trucks or boxcars. Previously, the perpetrators had also acted in the Tanah Abang region.

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“In Jakarta (the robbery), previously the crime scene was not far from Tanah Abang,” he said. Following this act, the two authors were charged with article 363 of the penal code for theft with a weighted sentence of seven years in prison. (OL-14)


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