Legal process for TNI members helping Rachel Vennya still ongoing

Legal process for TNI members helping Rachel Vennya still ongoing

TWO TNI members bearing the initials FS and IG who helped Rachel Vennya escape quarantine have been returned to their unit. The judicial process at the military police continues.

“So we returned it to the unit. The legal process is still ongoing. Please ask the unit for more details,” Dam Jaya chief Col. Arh Herwin BS said when he was contacted on Wednesday (10/27).

Herwin said that so far it was known that only the two TNI members had helped Rachel escape quarantine. “So if the results of the investigation relate only to these two (members of the TNI),” he said.

For the violations committed by the two TNI members, Herwin said that Jaya’s regional commander, Major General Mulyo Aji, assessed and verified the ranks from the airport to the quarantine zone. He said Pangdam Jaya stressed that the violations committed by the two TNI members would not recur in the future.

“In fact, everything went well. The mechanisms on the ground are good. However, there are actions of these individuals. So it’s not because of the mechanism, it’s because of unscrupulous individuals. The regional commander of Jaya stressed that this should not happen again. and everything has to go through clear reporting, ”Herwin said.

Earlier, word of celebrity Rachel Vennya escaping quarantine at RSDC Pademangan, north Jakarta, had spread through cyberspace. At that time, Rachel was supposed to be in quarantine as she had just returned from the United States.

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However, after only three days of isolation, Rachel, her boyfriend and her manager escaped. Rachel was questioned by police for her actions. Polda Metro Jaya investigators have elevated the status of the case of Rachel Vennya’s escape from isolation at the Covid-19 Wisma Atlet Pademangan Emergency Hospital to the investigation stage. (OL-14)


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