Five of the best fried duck restaurants in Jakarta

Five of the best fried duck restaurants in Jakarta

Fried duck is one of the foods that many fans adore. For fans of fried duck, finding a place to eat delicious fried duck in Jakarta is not difficult.

Here are five places to eat fried duck that are worth trying.

1. Due to the young duck (ABM)

Hasil Bebek Muda (ABM) is a premium duck restaurant. Currently, ABM is opening outlets in two locations, namely at FYP Kelapa Gading and Bendungan Hilir.

ABM’s specialty is to use top quality young duck with a large size and characteristic salty taste and super soft meat. In addition to having a main menu namely Kremes Fried Young Duck, ABM offers a choice of processed duck spices such as Black Pepper Young Duck, Curry Young Duck and Honey Roast Young Duck. What makes it even more delicious is that all menu choices are complemented by various sambals, such as ABM’s signature red chili paste, pineapple sauce, pecel urap and serundeng with fresh vegetables.

2. Kaleyo duck

This restaurant has 32 branches with a strategic location and a representative atmosphere and good service. The number of branches makes Duck Kaleyo easy to find in various parts of Greater Jakarta in Karawang and Bandung.

Along with a supportive atmosphere, the processed duck at this duck specialty restaurant has a smooth meaty texture combined with Kaleyo’s signature red chili sauce. The tail of the Young Duck menu is this restaurant’s favorite menu.

There is also vegetable lodeh, vegetable tamarind and duck satay to complement the main course. As for dessert, there are several choices, such as es cendol dawet and coconut glazed oranges, as well as the dim sum as a starter.

3. Fried Duck Hj. Slamet (Original) Kartasuro

Hj Fried Duck Restaurant. Slamet may not only exist in Jakarta. However, this restaurant, located on Jalan KH Abdullah Syafei, in Tebet, South Jakarta, is among the most delicious. Besides the delicious taste of fried duck, the chili sauce in Fried Duck by Hj Slamet is very good for those who like the spicy taste.

4. JJ Royal Bistro

Who would have thought that the JJ Royal Bistro in Senayan City, famous for its coffee and Western food, actually has a duck menu that can make your tongue stick. JJ Bistro’s fried duck cooked Balinese style.

With large chunks of duck meat, an evocative aroma, and a crispy exterior, JJ Bistro’s Fried Duck, which is pressure-cooked to make the duck bones tender, is one of the best.

This menu is more complete with the fried chili sauce and the pickles that accompany it. If you want something more ‘Balinese’, consumers can order Bebek Betutu with a distinctive taste of Balinese cuisine.

5. Mafia duck chicken

Mafia Duck Chicken Restaurant is located in Grogol, West Jakarta. Sold at an affordable price, this Mafia Duck Chicken offers a variety of menus. From chicken gepuk, chicken serundeng, chicken kremes, chicken geprek, duck gepuk creamy duck mozzarella.

This variety of chicken and duck can be enjoyed with fried cabbage, sautéed kale with vegetable tamarind at affordable prices. If you order on the weekend, consumers can taste the crispy fried duck skin. (OL-15)


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